2017 was great. Roll on 2018

We’ll that’s it ….. I don’t think anyone would mind if I said that 2017 was a ‘success’. Despite the rain it really seemed that (almost) everyone had a fantastic night.

I’ve been reading through the feedback and will follow up with more info in the next few days but it’s overwhelmingly VERY positive – 95% of the replied give it 5* out of 5.

The highlight for me was just seeing the smiling positive faces around the place.  I think we all know the conditions were not perfect but it was really heartening to see people just roll up their sleeves and be determined to have a good time no matter what.

Many folk mention the friendliness of Dawn and all the staff at The Crown and I think they looked after us really well having 70 people descend in one go is obviously hard to deal with and took time but people were patient and we got there ….  Thanks Dawn.

Most of all – thanks to every single person who put their energy and commitment to making it a rocking night to remember …. I think we can ALL pat ourselves on the back … The UKE community in Wiltshire is alive, strong and, most of all, very friendly.

Great idea Tom … well done.

PS Unreserved apologies to Swindon …. Next year we won’t be so remiss …

One day away

24 hours from now it’ll all be happening.

Workshops are filling up with double figures attending most of them – thanks for your support everyone.  The ‘presentation part is going well also – all clubs – I’m really looking forward to this bit.

Dawn – at the Crown Inn – has the barbecue all organised – even a vegetarian option so that’s brill – thanks Dawn.

Just need the weather to behave now and we’re on for a great event.

Songbook Update

We made a bit of a mess of 59th bridge Street song in particular so the songbook has been update (tonight).  The other song that changes was ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ where we added an extra G on the end of the lead into the chorus so it now reads:

Cos [Am] you ain’t ever [G] gonna burn my [F] heart ouuuuuuuuu[G] uuuuuuut [G]

The end of ‘Anger’ is also changed to read:

Her [C] soul [G] slides [Am] away, [E7] [Stop] but don’t look [F↓] back in anger

but don’t look [Fm↓] back in anger

I heard you [C↓] say [C] [G] [Am] [E7] [F] [G]

Least not [C↓] today

Less than a week away

The Uke Fest is almost upon us.  Final arrangements are falling into place.

If you’ve not booked your workshop yet then PLEASE do that asap so that the organisers have time to make sure they have enough resources – just ‘turning up on the day’ might mean that there are not enough resources to go around.

As well as the workshops there is – of course – the evening session.  Kicking off at 6:00 with a barbecue and organised music to follow at 7:00.  Every Ukulele club in Wiltshire has said they are coming so we’re hoping for a good crowd and a lot of fun.

See you Saturday



BUF sm

Great night at the Box Ukulele Festival last night – well done to the Mother Pluckers for organising such a great event – you’ve set the standard.